Volkswagen Temporary Autopilot Feature: The Future of Cars

volkswagen temporary autopilot

Volkswagen Temporary Autopilot

Volkswagen is continually challenging what drivers have come to accept as barriers in technology in order to invent unique advances to the automobile.  In June 2011, Volkswagen introduced its Temporary Auto Pilot, or TAP, which can drive a car semi-automatically at speeds of up to 80 mph.  Take a few minutes and read more about the Volkswagen autopilot feature.

The system is the link between assistance programs like lane-departure warnings and fully automatic driving.  However, drivers remain in complete control of their cars when the Volkswagen auto pilot is activated.  The driver can override the system at any point and should continually monitor it while it’s activated, but the system does allow for a greater hands-free driving experience than ever before.

The TAP system is designed to be used in monotonous driving situations when drivers tend to become distracted, such as in traffic jams or long stretches of highway.  Basically, the Volkswagen autopilot combines the concepts of cruise control and lane-departure warnings into a single system.

It can detect the distance between your car and the one in front of you, maintain the speed you want, reduce your speed automatically when you approach a turn in the road, and keep the car centered in the lane in which you are traveling.  TAP acknowledges speed limits and passing rules and can maneuver a car in stop-and-go traffic independently.

The goal of Volkswagen auto pilot is not to take control away from the driver, but rather reduce accidents due to inattention.  This new program is perhaps the starting point of a path to accident-free driving and safer roads for everyone.  Even though the car can handle much of the driving on its own when in autopilot mode, the function should not be used so a driver can completely take their attention off the road.  Drivers should keep their hands free and available to override the system if an emergency arises.

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