Our Favorite Volkswagen Advertisements

Just like the cars they represent, Volkswagen advertising has a storied history and have become an iconic part of world culture. From print to television, these advertisements have become a part of our collective history, and while everyone has a favorite Volkswagen ad, these are a few that stood out in our minds:

“Lemon” and “Think Small”


Perhaps the most iconic Volkswagen ad is also one of the oldest on this list. The print ad ran in the 1950s and 60s and became one of the most recognized and successful print ad campaigns not just for Volkswagen, but any company.

“Big Day”

A good advertisement should tell a story, and “Big Day” accomplishes this in a big way. There’s suspense, intrigue, and of course, a ponderous resolution, everything a good story needs.

“Mr. Blue Sky”

From serious to upbeat, this commercial finds its stride by presenting the most common experience in the 21st Century: the daily grind. There is always something that seems to be missing, but we (and the businessman) don’t realize it until he sees the convertible drive past.


A series of ads, the VDub commercials bring out the playful side of Volkswagen. Actor Peter Stormare, who has played his fair share of eccentric roles, takes his character to the next level in each of the spots with his comedic timing and enthusiasm.

What is your favorite Volkswagen ad? Share with us your favorite in the comments below!

Just In Case You Missed The Volkswagen Commercial



Well, the football season’s over (congrats Giants!!), and as usual, people looked forward to the commercials as much as the Big Game…and as usual, the Volkswagen commercial didn’t disappoint. In case you didn’t see the game, the Volkswagen ad featured Bolt the dog getting himself in shape with a doggie diet-and-exercise regimen, followed by a sudden switcheroo involving Darth Vader…

Part of what keeps Americans coming back to football is the drama. It’s so much more than the game itself – it’s the personalities, the off-field stories, and the amount of pride that people put in their towns and their teams. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that the Patriots and Giants would go the whole distance? Or who would have thought that the season-finale game would be hosted in Indianapolis? That’s part of the beauty of the game. It’s always in a state of flux, and it never stays the same forever.

That’s why the Big Game consistently sets records for viewership and TV ratings. …And why the ads are so hotly contested (and expensive). And you’ve got to admit, the idea of an overweight dog diligently going on a diet-and-exercise program so that he can chase Volkswagens is pretty cute!

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Oh, and one more time…congrats, Giants!