What to Do When It’s Time for a Belt Change

VW-Timing-BeltVehicle engines include several different types of auto belts, all of which provide a crucial function to the engine, and it is sometimes difficult to know when it is time for a belt change.  In some cases, a broken belt can do irreparable damage to the engine, so replacing them is especially important.  Your Volkswagen dealership is ready and able to help with any belt replacement!

Timing Belt

The timing belt, which connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, is one of the most important belts in the engine.  This belt rotates around the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets to ensure proper timing while the engine is running.  In some cases, the timing belt also drives the water or oil pumps, which means if the timing belt breaks, the engine does not get the liquid it needs to operate smoothly, often resulting in significant damage.  A licensed technician must inspect a timing belt.  Most manufacturers recommend inspecting or replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles.

Serpentine Belt

Normally found in newer vehicles, serpentine belts are not very thick and have a wide surface area.  Because this belt drives most of the accessories in the vehicle, it should be inspected twice each year.  If the belt shows any signs of wear, it is time for a serpentine belt change.


There are two types of V-belts – the standard v-belt and the cogged v-belt.  The v-belt is even narrower than the serpentine belt with tapered sides that fit between pulleys or gears.  Engines designed for light loads have a standard v-belt, while high-load engines have a cogged belt.  A cogged belt has a grooved base in order to provide a firmer grip on gears.  Technicians recommend that both standard and cogged v-belt changes be done every three years or 36,000 miles.

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