A Year of Adventures: Make Your 2013 Great

year of adventures

Are you ready for a year of adventures?

At Lewisville Volkswagen, we believe in the adventure that comes from a road trip. Road trips bring families and friends together. Road trips reveal the hidden sights and side trips that we otherwise will never see from the window of a plane. In 2013, Lewisville Volkswagen would like to celebrate the Road Trip. Will you join us for a year of adventures?

Let’s start with these new year’s resolutions for your next great road trip.
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The Best Road Trip Eats: Czech Stop

As part of an ongoing series, we’d like to tell you about our favorite places to catch a bite while on a road trip adventure!

Lewisville Volkswagen is located on US Interstate Hwy 35, and almost exactly 100 miles south of Lewisville is ”The Czech Heritage Capital of Texas” in West, Texas.  Located approximately 15 miles north of Waco, this quaint community is known for its Czech bakeries, Czech gift shops and antique stores.

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Say Cheese and Drive!: Taking Family Road Trip Pictures

familyroadtripIt used to be that taking a good photograph was a true process: getting out of the car, lining up in front of an attraction, and saying cheese. However, now with camera phones so common and much better quality than they used to be, people can document their entire road trip.

Particularly when you’re traveling with your family, it’s important to take pictures. While you might be able to recall last week’s journey crystal clear now, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of the fun times. So here are a few ideas to get the most out of your family road trips and create some happy memories in your new Volkswagen Lewisville car!

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How To Make the Best Road Trip Playlist

2013 beetle fender edition

The 2013 Beetle Fender Edition has an amazing sound system. All it needs is a great playlist from you!

f you are planning on going on a road trip soon, you may consider making a road trip play list (or mix tape, depending on your age).  Lewisville Volkswagen has a few tips for you to consider so that your playlist becomes a soundtrack for your road trip memories.

First, consider your audience. Will it just be you or will you have friends with you? Will there be children or grandparents with you? Or will the road trip be for the big kids only? Determining what your audience will appreciate in terms of music will give you an idea of what kinds of music should be on your list. For example, you may not want to play Snoop Dogg if Grandma will be in the car with you, or play The Wiggles if you will be in a car of adults.

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I-35: The Great Road Trip Route

route 35 road tripWe’re lucky here at Lewisville Volkswagen. Our convenient location off of I-35E has perfectly positioned us as masters of this marvelous piece of road, which stretches from Gainesville all the way down, through Austin and San Antonio, to the Mexican border. Such an impressive piece of highway has virtually endless road trip possibilities. We’ve put together some of our favorite destinations to stop at along I-35.


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