Changing Your Oil: Don’t Forget!

changing your oilThe engine light is on. It might have been on for a few days, maybe a few weeks, or perhaps a few weeks. Why are you not concerned? Because you know exactly what’s the problem: you need to change your oil.

Maybe you don’t feel like you have time to change your oil. We’re all busy these days, and sometimes we put aside important tasks like an oil change because it’s so mundane it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be that vital. How much damage could not changing your oil do?

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Winter Service Check Reminder

winter service checkWinter is upon us! It is important to make an appointment with your service department at Lewisville Volkswagen to prepare your Volkswagen for the chilled air and hazardous driving conditions. A quick check from our service department can save you thousands in repairs.

Here is a winter service checklist:

Check your antifreeze levels. Your antifreeze (the juice that goes in your radiator) is an essential part of your car’s winter protection. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50.

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What Your VW Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

VW-Dashboard-LightsKnowing what common VW dashboard lights mean could help spare your car engine from expensive damage.  Although some dashboard lights are fairly easy to understand, such as the hood open light, other warning lights in the VW dashboard indicate engine problems or safety issues that could become serious problems if not addressed.

Particulate Filter Light

Found on diesel vehicles, this VW dashboard light indicates when the particulate filter, a mechanism that burns off particulate matter in diesel engines, is blocked by soot.  Driving for about 15 minutes at 30 miles per hour will bring your diesel up to operating temperature so that the particulate filter regenerates, which should cause the light to go out.

Immobilizer Light

Activated by the car’s security system, the Immobilizer light indicates that you may be using the wrong key while attempting to start the vehicle.  This VW dashboard light is designed to protect your car from theft using a copied key.

Apply Brake Light

One of the most misunderstood of all VW dashboard lights, the Apply Brake light indicates that the driver must apply the brake in order to shift the vehicle from park to another gear.  This prevents the driver from accidentally shifting from park in vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Check Engine Light

Although most people are familiar with the Check Engine light on car dashboards, few understand that when the light appears, it does not mean a catastrophic problem in the engine.  In fact, the Check Engine light is simply an all-purpose warning light sending you information about a potential problem with the engine.  The Check Engine VW dashboard lights actually have different levels of warning.

Colors and Flashing

Another feature to understand about VW dashboard lights is that a flashing light is more urgent than a solid light.  If the light is flashing, have the issue diagnosed at a dealership as soon as possible.  The color of the light is also an indicator of the severity of the problem:

  • Green – A green light is simply a warning.  For example, if the DRL VW dashboard light is green, it means your Daytime Running Lights are on.
  • Yellow – A yellow VW dashboard light is an early warning of a potential problem or a situation the driver should be aware of, such as a burnt-out lamp.  A dealer should check yellow dashboard lights as soon as possible.
  • Red – Although they do not always indicate an emergency, a red VW dashboard light requires immediate attention.  The parking brake light and door ajar lights are red, and although that does not constitute an emergency, those issues should be addressed quickly.
  • Red Flashing Light – If a red flashing light appears on the dashboard, you should stop driving as soon as it is safely possible and contact the nearest Volkswagen dealer.

When the dashboard lights up, decide what your next step should be and call your VW service department!  Don’t wait too long, and make sure to check out service specials online.  Give us a call and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn!

What to Do When It’s Time for a Belt Change

VW-Timing-BeltVehicle engines include several different types of auto belts, all of which provide a crucial function to the engine, and it is sometimes difficult to know when it is time for a belt change.  In some cases, a broken belt can do irreparable damage to the engine, so replacing them is especially important.  Your Volkswagen dealership is ready and able to help with any belt replacement!

Timing Belt

The timing belt, which connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, is one of the most important belts in the engine.  This belt rotates around the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets to ensure proper timing while the engine is running.  In some cases, the timing belt also drives the water or oil pumps, which means if the timing belt breaks, the engine does not get the liquid it needs to operate smoothly, often resulting in significant damage.  A licensed technician must inspect a timing belt.  Most manufacturers recommend inspecting or replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles.

Serpentine Belt

Normally found in newer vehicles, serpentine belts are not very thick and have a wide surface area.  Because this belt drives most of the accessories in the vehicle, it should be inspected twice each year.  If the belt shows any signs of wear, it is time for a serpentine belt change.


There are two types of V-belts – the standard v-belt and the cogged v-belt.  The v-belt is even narrower than the serpentine belt with tapered sides that fit between pulleys or gears.  Engines designed for light loads have a standard v-belt, while high-load engines have a cogged belt.  A cogged belt has a grooved base in order to provide a firmer grip on gears.  Technicians recommend that both standard and cogged v-belt changes be done every three years or 36,000 miles.

When it is time for a belt change, consider Lewisville Volkswagen.  This dealership has served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, selling used and new cars, and offering excellence in customer service before, during and after every sale. Visit our website to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Understanding Volkswagen Vehicle Protection Plans

Your Volkswagen will become a part of your family, the one you’ll depend upon to be reliable, hardworking, and fun. You protect your family members with insurance and common sense; shouldn’t you protect your Volkswagen as well? Once you drive off the lot, you’re already protected by our Carefree Maintenance and a comprehensive limited warranty. A Volkswagen protection plan, Volkswagen service plan, or additional Volkswagen warranty can add to your peace of mind and give you the tools to protect your investment.

Volkswagen Protection PlanOur Protection Plans

Here at Lewisville VW, we offer Vehicle Service Contract Plans, a Courtesy Care Protection Program, a Car Care Service Plan, Guaranteed Asset Protection, Road Hazard Tire and Wheel protection, and Lease Vehicle Protection. Come in and speak with one of our dedicated service professionals to determine the plan that fits your needs and budget. Our options include:

  • Vehicle Service Contract Plans. With our Vehicle Service Contract Plans, you can include the cost of the plan when you finance your vehicle and purchase up to an additional 100,000 miles of coverage.
  • Courtesy Care Protection Plan. This plan covers most of your service and maintenance needs.
  • · Drive Easy Car Care Service Plans. These plans also include valuable maintenance services to keep your Volkswagen running like clockwork.
  • · Guaranteed Asset Protection. If your car is stolen or totaled, Guaranteed Asset Protection protects the difference between your insurance company’s assessment of value and the amount you paid for the vehicle.
  • Road Hazard Tire and Wheel. This service provides for repair and replacement of wheels and tires that are damaged by unexpected road hazards.
  • Lease Vehicle Protection. This lease care program covers nearly all the components of a leased vehicle at zero deductible.

Our Service

Come visit us at Lewisville VW and let us help you create the perfect plan to match your needs and your budget. With our range of maintenance and service packages, we can help you protect yourself from the unexpected circumstances that are part and parcel of car ownership.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and reliable, long-lasting vehicles, but we can’t protect you from all the hazards of the road. With the proper plan in place, you can protect yourself.

Time for VW Service to Get Prepared for Summer?

VW Service For SummerVWs are Made for Summer!

Summer has officially come to Texas. Thermostats are rising, and our attention turns to long-awaited summer journeys. As you make your vacation plans, keep in mind that your trusty VW may need a little TLC to help it stay trusty. Whether you’re gearing up for a long road trip or just cranking up the air conditioning to combat the heat, it’s a good time of year to bring your car for some good ole VW Service. Bring your VW in for a Volkswagen checkup at your local Dallas Volkswagen dealership and keep your car going strong for many summers to come!

Our expert team will perform Volkswagen’s professional Multi-Point Inspection, checking your:

  • exhaust system
  • brake pads and rotors
  • engine drive belts
  • shocks and struts
  • headlights
  • tire wear and air pressure
  • cooling system and hoses
  • windshield condition

VW ServiceAs the mercury rises, keep in mind that seasonal temperature extremes can affect your vehicle’s performance. We’ll provide you with top-of-the-line VW service, making sure you’re ready to beat the heat by checking your:

Beat the Summertime Blues

Nothing can throw a wrench in your summer sabbatical like a loose belt as you’re about to leave town or an air pump that gives up the ghost halfway to California. Even if you’re staying close to home, nothing can throw off a carefully balanced budget like an unexpected major car repair. Check in with us here at Lewisville VW, keep up with your regular maintenance, and your VW will keep you on the road for years to come.

We’re Here for You

Here at Lewisville VW, your friendly local dealership, we’ll take good care of you and your vehicle. It’s our job to make sure you’re ready for the road, whatever your summer has in store.

Keeping Your Tires Functional Keeps You Safe on Dallas Roads

At Lewisville Volkswagen your safety is our number one concern. Spawned from exquisite German engineering,  you can be rest assured that every Volkswagen car you own and drive in Dallas will carry you safely.  However, often times, we find that beyond the external body and internal parts of your Volkswagen vehicle, there are other factors that come into play in auto safety. This blog post focuses on how to maximize the effectiveness of your Volkswagen’s tires and educates you on how to maintain those tires for safety beyond the Volkswagen engineering.

Tires are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle.  Without a quality, fully-functional tire, you and your most precious cargo are at risk.  Rest assured that with a few easy tips you can keep on top your tire safety, how to maintain your tires and find a quality replacement when the need arises.

Maintaining Your Tires

Checking Air Pressure in your TiresAir Pressure: Always check the tire inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.  This information is often found in the car owner’s manual as well as a label inside the vehicle doorjamb.  You want to check the pressure once a month and before long trips.

Rotation: Although this may seem like an unnecessary expense, rotating your tires will actually save you money in the long run.  Ensuring that all tires wear evenly extends the life of your tires.

Alignment: Tire alignment can become awry due to daily driving impacts such as potholes.  Aligning your tires ensures that the vehicle handles correctly and minimizes the wear impact to your tires.

Vibration: If your car is shaking while you are driving, there is a problem with your suspension system, steering column and/or tires.  It will also expedite the wear on your tires.  If your car is vibrating it will need to be seen by a safety technician such as those at Lewisville Volkswagen.

Replacing Your Tires

All tires have indication bars that let you know when your tread is too low and your tire needs to be replaced.  By taking your car to a quality dealership like Lewisville VW, your tire tread can be measured by certified safety technicians who can inspect your tires using a tire tread gauge.

If it is determined that your tires are in need of replacing, you can rest assured that we are also happy to supply you with quality tires that will provide you with piece of mind about your safety on the road, as well as perks such as a two-year road hazard warranty, and technicians who you are happy to consult with you anytime for all your safety needs.

Buying tires in Dallas should be an easy process. Let Lewisville Volkswagen be your guide. In fact right now you can buy 4 tires and get free road hazard. For more information on this current special click here.
Buying tires in Dallas