Volkswagen Turbocharged Hybrid : The Greenest, Go-Gettingest Car Ever

hybridIn the past this sounded like the setup for a joke: what kind of car is fast, practical, and still gets good gas mileage? Laugh no longer! Volkswagen has just announced the brand new Turbocharged Jetta Hybrid, and this car is no joke.

Everyone loves Volkswagen’s turbocharged lineup of cars, thanks to the extra zip and sportiness. So Volkswagen realized that a turbocharged hybrid would be perfect for the typical Volkswagen customers, who are known for the love of the road yet consciousness of the environment. It didn’t take the designers long to realize that a hybrid version of their popular cars would be as ingenious of an invention as power steering, the jet engine, and maybe even sliced bread.

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Intelligent cars just keep getting smarter, and we don’t just mean things like engine control computers or in-dash hard drives for music. There are some advances being made right now that are quickly making the future of cars look a lot more interesting. These developments include:

DRIVERLESS CARS: This used to seem like pure science fiction, but it’s quickly getting a lot closer to reality. Google and Volkswagen, among others, are both working on systems for cars that take the driver out of the loop completely, using robotics, radar and lasers to maintain a safe 0distance from other vehicles, and global positioning systems (GPS) to navigate their routes. States are coming on board as well;Nevada’s Assembly Bill 511 is the first step toward a green light for robotic cars on their highways. Considering that almost all accidents are caused by human error (i.e. cell phones!), letting the car do the driving could be just the thing to make roads safer, make the best of fuel efficiency, and free up drivers.

TALKING CARS: No, we don’t mean cute cartoon cars, or Knight Rider-style cars that feature on-board computers that make cheeky remarks aimed at their drivers. Ford and Volvo are developing in-car technology (derived from GPS and Wi-Fi) that can enable cars to signal to each other faster than drivers can see and react. The end result should be not only safer highways, but smoother traffic flow at intersections as well. Volvo’s “platooning” concept has a string of cars following the lead vehicle, matching it move for move without driver input.

Other advancements include:

  • Systems that will automatically call 911 in the event of an accident, even if the driver is incapacitated.
  • Total System Intelligence, which uses in-car technology and RFID transceivers embedded in the pavement to account for every vehicle on the road.
  • Monitors that alert drivers when they are drifting out of a lane or when they are drowsy and beginning to nod off.
  • Adaptive cruise control that slows the car as it approaches a slower vehicle, then allows the car to regain speed once the flow of traffic allows.

At Lewisville VW, we don’t carry cars with these technologies… yet. We do, however, invite you to come on down and test-drive a new VW or two, and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Get a Sneak Peak at the All-New 2012 VW Passat

Luxurious, European Craftsmanship

2012 volkswagen passatThe Passat has been one of Volkswagen’s most popular cars in past years, and the 2012 Passat is expected to set a new benchmark in the competitive midsize vehicle segment.  Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect from the 2012 VW Passat, a car that will surely revolutionize the automobile market in America later this year.

Inspiring Value

VW realized that it needed a way to offer luxury with more affordably, so the newest VW Passat will be offered at prices starting $7,000 less than the previous model.  Additionally, many new standard features have been added, proving that the price drop doesn’t indicate a decrease in comfort or luxury.  Examples of now-standard features include dual-climate controls, Bluetooth compatibility, and a spacious cabin.  For luxurious European styling without the price tag, the Passat is the solution, starting at just under $20,000.

Engine Options

Last year’s model featured a four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine.  This year, there are three completely different options from which drivers can choose.  First is a 2.5-liter, five-cylinder gas engine with 170 horsepower.  If this isn’t enough for your driving style, check out your second option: a larger, 3.6-liter, V-6 gas engine, which packs 280 horsepower.  If you want to go green, you have that option as well with a 2.0-liter, 140 horsepower diesel engine.  This choice will grant you around 31 mpg on city streets and an impressive 43 mpg on the highway.

Luxurious, European Craftsmanship

The smooth dashboard, soft leather seats, and padded leather steering wheel beneath your fingers give off the impression that you’re sitting in a car priced twice as high.  The VW plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., implements rigorous quality control to ensure that your 2012 Passat will be durable and dependable, as well as beautiful and comfortable.

As a resident in the Dallas area wanting a Volkswagen, you know you can trust a quality vehicle selection from Lewisville Volkswagen, the largest volume VW dealership in Texas.  Keep up with 2012 VW Passat updates by following us on TwitterLike us on Facebook to become eligible for 10 percent off parts and services on all future visits.

The New VW EOS 2012: A Whole Lot of Smooth for your Vroom

At Lewisville Volkswagen, we have a new co-worker. Everyone says that she is a go getter, a firecracker, and well, ready to work.

She’s beautiful, ambitious, and guaranteed to stop traffic.

Who is this, you ask?

It’s none other than the German-engineered new VW EOS 2012.  This newly redesigned gem has been turning heads since its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show and was received with just as much excitement right here at the recent Dallas Auto Show.

And who can blame the legions of adoring fans from A-list celebrities like Heidi Klum to the car aficionados here in our own town?  The Eos is beautiful inside and out.

The exterior is the perfect blend of cutting-edge performance and refined style.  It boasts a five-part roof unit that swiftly converts the Eos from a classy coupe into a sleek convertible and is the only hardtop convertible with a built-in sunroof.

All New EOS 2012 VW - Lewisville VWAll that beauty is powered by the latest VW 2.0 liter 16-valve DOHC turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder gasoline engine.  The automatic Direct-Shift Gearbox is standard, and uses an automatic dual-clutch system that instantly engages and disengages gears without the need for a clutch pedal.  Translation? This engine delivers a whole lot of smooth for your vroom.

2012 VW EOS Dallas Volkswagen Dealer Lewisville VWThe 2012 model has been redesigned in myriad thoughtful ways.  The xenon headlights now contain 14 integrated LEDs and are mounted atop a redesigned grille trimmed with luxurious chrome.  The refined exterior comes in a wide variety of colors and is decorated with new trim on the instrument panel.  Higher trim Eos lines contain genuine walnut wood panels, and all of the models come standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.  The doors, window buttons and light switches also feature chrome details .   And the Keyless Entry and Start System will give owners the freedom to climb in and start up their Eos without their key.  HD Radio reception, SIRIUS satellite radio and MP3/WMA playback will keep the driver cruising with their favorite tunes.

Of course, the Eos boats superb safety features such as roll bars and fog lamps, and is protected by a standard three year, 36,000 mile warranty.  Also included is 24-hour roadside assistance.

For more information about this little showstopper, visit Lewisville VW at: