The Top 5 Best Games for a Family Road Trip

No matter how well behaved the children are in the car or how compatible you and your spouse may be, family road trips can test the patience of even the most close-knit loving family.  Lewisville Volkswagen, your family Volkswagen dealership, offers five fun games that can keep the whole family occupied on your next family vacation.

Family-Road-TripPunch Buggy

This game for family road trips has been around for years, yet is still a great thing to play while traveling on family vacations.  Although the original game entitles the first person to see a Volkswagen Bug to “punch” another player, a better version is to just have the children announce they’ve seen a “Punch Buggy” each time they spot a VW bug.  The one who spots the most wins the game.  For added fun, award two points for a vintage VW Bug, and one for the newer version of the car.

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is one that can be played on family road trips, even with young toddlers, and can help them with memory skills and learning the alphabet while having fun.  Start with the letter A and name something that begins with that letter.  The next person names something that starts with a B, including the first word.  Continue through the alphabet, repeating each letter until you end the alphabet.  For example, if the first player says “apple,” the second player could say “apple” “baseball,” and the third player “apple, baseball, cat,” etc.  If a player forgets a word or cannot think of a word that starts with the letter at their appointed turn, they are out.  You can use themes, such as animals, foods, cars, etc. to make the game more difficult if you have older children.

Name That Tune

Another fun game for family road trips, especially for teenaged children, is the Name That Tune Game.  Have family members guess the name of a song on the radio in the shortest amount of time, and the one who guesses the most songs correctly wins.  You could have each family member answer randomly, or you could take turns, requiring a set time limit for the family member to guess.

The Color Game

This game is perfect even for younger children on family road trips.  Choose a color to look for, such as yellow or red.  Have everyone look for something that is the chosen color, and award points based on the size of the object.  For example, if you choose yellow, a school bus may be worth five points, while a car is only worth two and a street sign one.

License Plates

There are many ways to play games with license plates on your next family road trip.  Children can list the license plates from each state they see.  Young children learning the alphabet can find license plates in alphabetical order, for example, the first one has to have an “A,” the second a “B,” etc.  For children learning math, have them add up the numbers to see what they come up with.  You could try having older children come up with a sentence, word or phrase using the letters on the plate.  For example, the letters T, O, and V could become “vote” if you are using words, “Tell old Valerie” for a sentence or phrase.

These family road trip games are a great way to keep the entire family entertained and help keep your sanity on your next family vacation.  Before heading out on your next family road trip, be sure to visit Lewisville Volkswagen for your vehicle needs.   Our dealership has served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, selling new and used cars, and offering excellence in customer service before, during and after every sale.  Visit our website to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

What to Do When It’s Time for a Belt Change

VW-Timing-BeltVehicle engines include several different types of auto belts, all of which provide a crucial function to the engine, and it is sometimes difficult to know when it is time for a belt change.  In some cases, a broken belt can do irreparable damage to the engine, so replacing them is especially important.  Your Volkswagen dealership is ready and able to help with any belt replacement!

Timing Belt

The timing belt, which connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, is one of the most important belts in the engine.  This belt rotates around the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets to ensure proper timing while the engine is running.  In some cases, the timing belt also drives the water or oil pumps, which means if the timing belt breaks, the engine does not get the liquid it needs to operate smoothly, often resulting in significant damage.  A licensed technician must inspect a timing belt.  Most manufacturers recommend inspecting or replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles.

Serpentine Belt

Normally found in newer vehicles, serpentine belts are not very thick and have a wide surface area.  Because this belt drives most of the accessories in the vehicle, it should be inspected twice each year.  If the belt shows any signs of wear, it is time for a serpentine belt change.


There are two types of V-belts – the standard v-belt and the cogged v-belt.  The v-belt is even narrower than the serpentine belt with tapered sides that fit between pulleys or gears.  Engines designed for light loads have a standard v-belt, while high-load engines have a cogged belt.  A cogged belt has a grooved base in order to provide a firmer grip on gears.  Technicians recommend that both standard and cogged v-belt changes be done every three years or 36,000 miles.

When it is time for a belt change, consider Lewisville Volkswagen.  This dealership has served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, selling used and new cars, and offering excellence in customer service before, during and after every sale. Visit our website to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Main Steps To Buying A Used Car | Pre-Owned

buying-a-used-carBuying used cars makes good sense for a lot of consumers during this uncertain economic climate. But like always, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before finalizing any purchase. Let’s talk about a few steps in buying a used car

New or used?

Remember, when purchasing a new car, that vehicle depreciates by a couple of thousand dollars the moment it leaves the dealership lot. Even used cars that are only 2 or 3 years old are 20%-30% cheaper than new models. Insurance costs less for us for used cars, and the vehicle may still be covered by the factory warranty (or a certified used car warranty, at least).

Which used car?

It makes sense to explore all options, and not just in terms of the type of vehicle (sedan, coupe, wagon, minivan, truck, etc.  Also look into what the resale values and reputations are for the used cars you’re considering.

Research Your Purchase

After you’ve visited dealerships or found an individual owner/seller, this is where you really start to drill down and do your homework. Use resources like, Consumer Reports and various car magazines to find out the service reputation on that individual model, recall history, etc. And of course, you can use CARFAX® to research the collision history and recall history for any particular used car, using the car’s VIN. If you’re satisfied with the car’s history and your gut tells you it’s a safe bet after a test drive, call in a mechanic or LemonBusters-type service to give the car a thorough pre-purchase check-up.


How much can you really afford to spend? Remember, that question takes into account total purchase price (including tax, title and license), down payment (or trade-in allowance), monthly payments, and insurance. Don’t be afraid to shoot low and work up from there – and remember that the salesman wants to close the deal, which gives you a strong hand in negotiations. Don’t let yourself get railroaded, and don’t settle for a payment plan that exceeds your budget!

At Lewisville VW, we’ve got a huge inventory of used cars on hand…and we’re betting there’s one that’s a good fit for you. Keep track of what’s going on with Lewisville VW by connecting with us on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

History of Lewisville Volkswagen Dealership

volkswagen-dealershipIf you are looking for a Volkswagen dealership in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, why not choose one that is ranked among the top ten VW dealers in the nation? Lewisville Volkswagen, a family-owned Greater Dallas dealership, has that distinction, as well as an incredible selection of both new and used vehicles.  Service does not stop after the sale at Lewisville, and the highly-trained staff gives exemplary service designed to make lifelong customers.

Lewisville’s customers come from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the dealership proudly serve cities like Plano, Gainesville, Decatur, Farmers Branch, Trophy Club, McKinney, Pilot Point, Salina, Rockwell, Heath, Arlington, and Forney. In terms of both sales and service, The Lewisville VW dealership is tops among Dallas dealerships. After serving the area for over a decade, Lewisville Volkswagen understands the needs of its customers.

Every vehicle purchased from Lewisville VW is shipped with its CARFAX® report, to ensure that customers know exactly what they have purchased. The vehicles are competitively priced, and the staff works to to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Once the sale is finalized, the dealership offers customized after-sales service, maintenance, and spare parts, with a commitment and dedication that puts Lewisville’s staff ahead of the pack.

Whether you are looking for a brand new Volkswagen, or want to browse the pre-owned inventory, the staff at Lewisville Volkswagen dealership invites you to stop by and take a look. Because Lewisville VW offers the best pricing in the area, you are welcome to go visit other delaerships before returning to make your purchase. This level of confidence comes from knowing that the dealership is the very best. To prove it, Lewisville even offers customers the opportunity to bring back a car within seventy-two hours if they are not completely satisfied. It is all part of the happiness guarantee, and you will not be asked any questions if you choose to return your vehicle.

Make history with Lewisville and become part of the family! Visit the website to learn more, or just drop by the dealership and say hello. To connect with our online community, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Press Release | Lewisville Volkswagen is Expanding

lewisville-volkswagenLewisville Volkswagen is Expanding: Three Primary Expansion Areas Help Promote Theme of ‘Peace. Love. Happiness.’

Lewisville Volkswagen, a dealership that serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, has announced that they are expanding three different areas of the dealership.

First, the size of their lot will be increased to accommodate an expanded selection of cars. This expansion will double the existing inventory, enabling the Lewisville VW dealership to house 500 new Volkswagens and 200 pre-owned vehicles at once.

Second, this Volkswagen Dallas dealership is expanding the service and shop area to provide greater efficiency and shorter turnaround times for customers who need car repairs and routine maintenance. With this expansion, Lewisville Volkswagen will be able to keep more parts in stock, thus reducing delays while parts are shipped to the dealership.

Finally…to view full Press Release, click here!

The goals of all three expansions are to increase time management and enhance the ease of shopping for a new or pre-owned Volkswagen. Lewisville VW plans to be the largest Volkswagen dealer in the area, with the greatest selection available to better serve its customers. With the theme of “Peace. Love. Happiness,” the expansion is sure to fulfill the dealership’s goals of improving the car-buying experience for all their customers.

Lewisville Volkswagen serves customers from all over the DFW Metroplex, including Plano, Farmers Branch, Trophy Club, McKinney, Rockwall, Forney, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Southlake, Irving, Frisco, Coppell, and Colleyville. Lewisville VW is ready to help customers purchase the car of their dreams from the dealership’s extensive inventory of new and pre-owned Volkswagens. To make an appointment with a sales associate, contact Lewisville Volkswagen by phone at (866) 561-9060.  Connect with us on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and our Blog.

How to Properly Install a Car Seat

At Lewisville VW, we’ll do everything in our power to keep you and your children safe. We’ve provided you with the most up-to-date car seat securing system, and we want to help you learn how to properly install a car seat.

Types of Car Seats

Infants must ride in rear-facing car seats in the rear seat of your vehicle. Babies/young children should stay rear-facing for as long as possible, as it is the absolute safest position. In the event of a head-on crash, the infant’s whole body is pushed against the back of the car seat rather than forward against the straps. Keep your child rear-facing until they reach the upper limit of your car seat’s weight restriction—the longer, the better. A young child’s neck is particularly susceptible to major injury if thrown forward during an accident, so protect children with a rear-facing seat for as long as you can.

A child can graduate to a forward-facing car seat with a harness once he or she has fully outgrown rear-facing seats. Once your child outgrows his or her forward-facing seat, they can graduate to a booster seat in the back seat of your car. Booster seats are designed for children weighing 40 to 100 pounds, ages 4 to 12, and up to 4 feet, 9 inches tall.

A child should only graduate to a seatbelt once they’re big enough that the seat belt rests across the top of the thighs, rather than on the stomach. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, even children large enough to ride secured with a seatbelt alone should ride in the rear seats until at least the age of 12.


LATCH, or “Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children,” is the standardized car seat attachment system now required by law in all new vehicles. The system consists of two “lower anchors,” similar to steel U-bolts, that are built into the bight (crack) between the back rest and lower seat. These are usually accompanied by a top tether that secures the top of the child safety seat to another anchor behind the car’s seat. This system is designed to make proper car seat installation intuitive and standardized between cars and safety seats. Still, it is important to always read the manuals for both your safety seat and your car in order to ensure that your child is safely secured in the event of an accident.

Seat Belt Installation

In older cars that don’t have the LATCH system, the seat can be installed using the seat belt to owner’s manual specifications. Once the car seat is installed, try with serious force to rock the seat from side to side. If you can move it more than an inch in either direction, use the locking clip that came with the seat to secure the seatbelt more tightly. If you’ve misplaced the locking clip, contact the manufacturer to order a new one before you use the car seat.

Know the Law

Car seat laws vary by state, but all states require safety seats for very young children. In Texas, children younger than 7 years old (and 57 inches tall) MUST be restrained in an appropriate child safety seat. Check the Governors’ Highway Safety Association page on Child Passenger Safety Laws to make sure you’re following the rules when you cross state lines. Don’t risk fines, fees, or your child’s safety.

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New Car Buying Strategy – Buying A New Car From the Dealer

At Lewisville VW, we’re proud to give our customers an edge. When you shop with us, the largest-volume VW dealer in Texas, you’ll know you’re getting the best VW has to offer. From products to service, we’re here for you. To prove it, we’re letting you in on a few tricks of the trade for buying a new car in today’s market:

  • Know what’s up-and-coming. The vehicle industry is making major changes. For example, VW recently introduced a diminutive new fireball called the Up! for European markets at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. If you want stunning gas mileage and unprecedented style, and have the luxury of waiting a bit for your next purchase, lay low and keep your ears open for news of a U.S. launch.
  • Know which models most interest you and why. Ready for that new car smell now? Take the time to do research. Understand the pros and cons of each vehicle, and which ones have the features that best fit your lifestyle and budget. VW has a car, truck, or van for everyone. Come in and talk to a sales representative if you need some help getting started, or do some online research on your own.
  • Know the Kelley Blue Book value for your chosen model(s). This is your baseline invoice price for a vehicle. You can always expect to pay over Blue Book value for add-ons, especially with financing options. Factor in convenience, padding, and exactly how much you want that car when deciding to haggle out the difference between the invoice value and the dealer’s “suggested retail.” Knowing the Blue Book value gives you a good starting point and keeps you from being taken for an unreasonable ride by an unscrupulous dealership. Here at Lewisville VW, you can trust us to steer you right every time.
  • Take your time. Don’t make snap decisions. Time frames are different for everyone – some buyers have all the options laid out before they enter our showroom for the first time and leave their first meeting with keys in hand, feeling like they’ve made a reasoned purchase. Others come back several times to make sure they’ve found the perfect fit. Do your homework – a car is a major purchase that will stick with you for a long time. Make sure you’re financing at the best possible rate for your qualifications and don’t jump in without thinking things through. Consider taking a trusted friend along to help you make a decision you’re as happy with when the car is paid off as you are when you drive it off the lot.

Nobody can help you through the car buying process like Lewisville VW. We pride ourselves on selling the right car to the right person at the right price, day in and day out. Keep up to date with our current offerings by following our blog, or join one of our social networks on Twitter or Facebook.


Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI Compared to Toyota’s Prius V Three

In July, Edmunds’ Inside Line looked at the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI compared to Toyota’s new Prius V Three wagon. Both are billed as eco-friendly, high-efficiency upgrades—the Prius as a gas-electric hybrid and the SportWagen as a turbo diesel. The VW Jetta SportWagen TDI was the clear winner of Edmunds’ head-to-head challenge. Here’s why:


These two cars are designed to appeal to space-conscious, eco-conscious families who still want some bang for their buck. The VW 2012 SportWagen has a lower, sportier profile than the Prius while sacrificing only 0.4 cubic feet of space with someone in every seat, and only 1.5 cubic feet of space with the rear seat down. The VW is a crossover made for eco-conscious families that still want to feel the power and adaptability of a real “car.”


In the Edmunds’ comparison, the VW’s inner workings blew away the Prius when it came to handling and power. According to the Edmunds’ comparison, “the Prius V feels slow nearly all the time, while the Jetta SportWagen never feels underpowered, even on hills.” The VW’s 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine and six-speed automated double-clutch manual transmission give it a feel that’s “more like a car and less like a driving appliance.” The Prius V does get slightly better fuel economy, but its continuously variable transmission (CVT) gives it an odd feel and “rubber-band” response. Add to that the Prius’ loud, unmistakable drone at highway speeds below a 70-mpg cruise (louder than the VW at full throttle by 2 decibels), and the VW is the clear winner.


The Prius V Three will be priced at $27,165, just over Edmunds’ estimated value of $27,000 back in July. In their estimate, it would take about two years to recoup the higher cost of the Prius over the VW, even with the Prius’ lower gas mileage costs.

According to Edmunds, the VW Jetta SportWagen TDI is “simply more rewarding to drive in every situation.” With a better bottom line, better performance, and a body built with the family in mind, it’s time to accept it – diesel’s back!

We want to keep you and your car in one piece. If you’re looking to hop in the seat of a new or used car, see our large selection of vehicles at Lewisville Volkswagen. For more tips, along with huge specials and promotions, follow us on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page.

Our State Rolls Out the New Texas Driving Laws

Lewisville VW is proud to be a Texas-based VW dealership. The new Texas driving laws were rolled out starting at midnight on September 1. Now that we have had some time to watch the changes take effect, here’s the lowdown on exactly what changed – and what the changes mean for you.

Speed Limits

A barrage of new speed limit laws went into effect with the new traffic policies. Speed limits on beaches were lowered to 15 mph. School buses with commercial vehicle inspection stickers will now be able to go 60 mph on highways, while school buses without those stickers will be allowed a maximum speed of 50 mph. Large trucks and school activity buses will now be able to travel the same speed as cars on the highways, while lower speeds for large vehicles will continue to be maintained on back roads.

Perhaps the most widely-reported change is the new maximum highway speed limit of 85 mph. TxDOT is in the process of conducting a speed study and will raise the speed limit on appropriate roadways where it is deemed safe. If you’ve got a new (or new-to-you) VW to test, that higher speed limit could be just the ticket. Just be safe out there!

Expect to see changes made over the next few months. Keep a close eye on speed limit signs in your area, as many of them could change from one day to the next. You’ll see minimum speed limit signs changed and nighttime speed limit signs removed across the state. Remember that a higher speed limit does not equal permission for dangerous or unsafe driving practices.

 Seatbelt Laws

Previous seatbelt laws were extended in the new provisions to include every child in the vehicle, no matter where they are seated. Any child younger than the age of 15 must be restrained in a manner suitable to their size and weight. No exceptions! Children over 12 years old or 4 feet 9 inches tall may graduate from booster seats to seatbelts as long as that seatbelt fits them securely – across the upper thighs, not across the stomach.

Other Tidbits

Legislation to increase the driving age was introduced but not passed; the legal driving age remains 16 in the state of Texas. The DWI threshold has been dropped from 0.10 to 0.08 blood-alcohol concentration. Vehicle inspection fees have been increased; and new driver’s license and ID cards will include a writeable surface where card holders can fill in an emergency contact number, along with space for physician instructions and/or drug and allergy warnings.

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Car Travel With Children

At Lewisville VW, we know that many parents dread car travel with children. With a long car trip ahead, parents worry about balancing family time with electronic distractions and arriving as a family that still loves one another. Here are a few tips for keeping kids engaged during long rides in the car:

Infants/Young Children

The key to a successful trip with a small child is timing. If possible, leave in the early afternoon so that your infant or toddler can have his or her usual afternoon nap on the road. Plan to stop for dinner so that the little one(s) can have a little time out of the car seat. Stop regularly to change diapers and feed snacks – a child who is clean and well-fed is more likely to stay in a contented mood. Your child will most likely fall asleep again after dark, so plan to drive late into the evening – but be sure to stop for the night while you’re still alert and awake at the helm.

Resist the temptation to feed an infant or young child a bottle or snack foods on the road. These are a guaranteed distraction, but the reward is simply not worth the risk. If your baby chokes, the chances that you can pull over, get into the back seat, and remove your child from the safety harness in time to deliver the Heimlich maneuver are slim to none. Though snacks are a great distraction for older children, they simply aren’t a viable option for young infants and toddlers.

Bring a few beloved toys along for the ride and keep them at the ready. Offer them one at a time so that each one receives your child’s full attention. Hold a favorite toy or stuffed animal in reserve in the front seat as a last-ditch comfort mechanism when nothing else works.

Older Children

Once the afternoon nap is a thing of the past, it’s less likely that your kids will sleep for a substantial portion of the trip. The least expensive option for entertaining your children is finding a car game that engages the whole family – such as “I spy” or “Spotto.” You can find suggestions for such games at how to save money.

Let older kids pack a small bag of books and activities for the trip that they’ve chosen and that they enjoy. If you have a little money to spend, consider investing in audiobooks that the whole family can enjoy. The iPhone “Audiobooks” app is an excellent, cost-effective option.

As a last-ditch option, consider the purchase of a DVD player or video game player for the car. DVDs are the ultimate distraction but will keep children from interacting with each other or with you. Consider the pros and cons carefully before installing a video game/DVD player, and you’ll have made a decision that’s best for your family.

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