Where To Go To Find New Cars


When you start the process of shopping for new cars, we know that trying to find new cars can be overwhelming. You’re barraged with noisy ads on the radio and TV, as well as newspapers and print, all trying to hook you into the dealership and get your business. Finding a dealer isn’t that tough, because dealers are everywhere. Finding straight answers on pricing and information, though, can be a bit more challenging. Here are some resources you can use to ensure you’ll be making an informed decision when purchasing a new car:

Edmunds.com – Launched in 1995, Edmunds is a comprehensive online resource for car information and pricing, Edmunds features an easy-to-navigate website with page design and search software that make for a great user experience. The Edmunds site is respected enough to consistently keep it in the top three for accuracy, and Edmunds has won numerous awards in the automotive web world.

Kelley Blue Book – The print version of the Kelley Blue Book has been synonymous with new- and used-car price guides for years. Kelley has kept pace with the times, establishing a website years ago that offers the same great, reliable information online.

NADA Guides – Another trusted name, the National Association of Auto Dealers, publishes a guide that has migrated from print to the Internet (back in 2000), and offers great new car pricing, blogs, reviews, and other informational resources for new car buyers.

Yahoo! Autos – Using the Yahoo! Suite of online search technology, Yahoo! Autos gives fast results for very specific searches, and can be easily linked to the company’s other services, such as automotive discussion forums or searches for loan information.

Finding a new car dealership doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s important to be armed with good information when you pull into the dealer’s lot. There is lots of new VWs to be seen at Lewisville VW, and you can be sure you’re always going to get a straight deal with us. Come by, say hello, and take a test-drive…

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