Car Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

gifts for dad on father's dayFather’s Day is on June 16 and it’s time to start getting gift ideas ready. For all of you out there who have motorheads as dad, we’ve put together a list of ideas that will really get their motors running. Here are some of our ideas for gifts for dad on Father’s day.

First of all, there is nothing that beats a car wash. A perfect gift from little kids and those without a ton of cash on hand, a car wash is thoughtful and leaves the car looking great. Even better, you can add a little flair and creativity and create a fun coupon that dad can redeem whenever.

If you’re looking for something practical and fun, consider a DIY Remote Starter Kit from Bulldog. Starting at just $69.99, this kit makes it easy to add remote-starting functionality to any vehicle. This makes it easy to cool down the car on a summer day or heat it up during the winter months.

For something truly unique for Father’s Day, consider putting your dad behind the wheel of an exotic car. At the Texas Motor Speedway, visitors can get behind the wheel of high-performance vehicles for the ride of a lifetime. Choose from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and Nissans. These events take place only on certain days, so be aware that this experience might not be something you actually do on Father’s Day, but your dad’s excitement might carry on for months and months.

What do you plan on getting your dad for Father’s Day? Dads out there, what are your favorite gifts you’ve ever received?

Your Rules For a Family Road Trip

happy-family-in-car-on-vacationWe asked and you delivered! On Facebook recently, we asked the question “What is your number one rule when on a road trip with friends or family?” And here are some of our favorite answers:

Jaine S. advised people to not “put your feet out the car window” in response to the picture we used. Probably a good idea, although on warm summer days when there’s nothing on the road (or when your passenger’s feet really, really stink), there may be exceptions to the rule. (Just kidding! Just like an amusement park ride, you should always keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!)

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The Top 5 Best Games for a Family Road Trip

No matter how well behaved the children are in the car or how compatible you and your spouse may be, family road trips can test the patience of even the most close-knit loving family.  Lewisville Volkswagen, your family Volkswagen dealership, offers five fun games that can keep the whole family occupied on your next family vacation.

Family-Road-TripPunch Buggy

This game for family road trips has been around for years, yet is still a great thing to play while traveling on family vacations.  Although the original game entitles the first person to see a Volkswagen Bug to “punch” another player, a better version is to just have the children announce they’ve seen a “Punch Buggy” each time they spot a VW bug.  The one who spots the most wins the game.  For added fun, award two points for a vintage VW Bug, and one for the newer version of the car.

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is one that can be played on family road trips, even with young toddlers, and can help them with memory skills and learning the alphabet while having fun.  Start with the letter A and name something that begins with that letter.  The next person names something that starts with a B, including the first word.  Continue through the alphabet, repeating each letter until you end the alphabet.  For example, if the first player says “apple,” the second player could say “apple” “baseball,” and the third player “apple, baseball, cat,” etc.  If a player forgets a word or cannot think of a word that starts with the letter at their appointed turn, they are out.  You can use themes, such as animals, foods, cars, etc. to make the game more difficult if you have older children.

Name That Tune

Another fun game for family road trips, especially for teenaged children, is the Name That Tune Game.  Have family members guess the name of a song on the radio in the shortest amount of time, and the one who guesses the most songs correctly wins.  You could have each family member answer randomly, or you could take turns, requiring a set time limit for the family member to guess.

The Color Game

This game is perfect even for younger children on family road trips.  Choose a color to look for, such as yellow or red.  Have everyone look for something that is the chosen color, and award points based on the size of the object.  For example, if you choose yellow, a school bus may be worth five points, while a car is only worth two and a street sign one.

License Plates

There are many ways to play games with license plates on your next family road trip.  Children can list the license plates from each state they see.  Young children learning the alphabet can find license plates in alphabetical order, for example, the first one has to have an “A,” the second a “B,” etc.  For children learning math, have them add up the numbers to see what they come up with.  You could try having older children come up with a sentence, word or phrase using the letters on the plate.  For example, the letters T, O, and V could become “vote” if you are using words, “Tell old Valerie” for a sentence or phrase.

These family road trip games are a great way to keep the entire family entertained and help keep your sanity on your next family vacation.  Before heading out on your next family road trip, be sure to visit Lewisville Volkswagen for your vehicle needs.   Our dealership has served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, selling new and used cars, and offering excellence in customer service before, during and after every sale.  Visit our website to learn more, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.