Volkswagen Concept Cars: Timeless VW

Lewisville Volkswagen knows that our customers love their VWs.  We also know they not only love to drive their VWs, but just as much as Volkswagen likes to dream up cool concept cars, our customers like reading about it! So, with that said, we decided it is time to share with all our fans, some of the concept cars that Volkswagen has out there today!

The new concept cars from Volkswagen, old ideas, we just made up.

Open the door, sit in the driver’s seat, close the door, and your ears go “pop.”  Just sitting in a Volkswagen can tell you what a lot of us already know: few cars can match the quality craftsmanship of a Volkswagen. Starting the motor is like winding a fine watch; you can hear that everything is perfectly synchronized. More than a machine, the VW engine is almost alive in its harmony—and that’s just the prelude.  Once you put it in gear and start moving you can feel the unbridled enthusiasm of a machine effortlessly performing exactly as designed, poised to take your driving experience to the next level and beyond.  Some call it magic, we call it Volkswagen.  The following are the VW concept cars.

Putting the magic to work in a whole new way.

Electric Bulli Concept - Lewisville VWIn 1950, Volkswagen introduced something innovative in concept and design to the automotive world.  The first van was simply called, T1 for Transporter 1.  To the Germans it was called “Bulli.” We, however, came to know it as the immortal “microbus,” an iconic symbol often associated with the 1960s counterculture movement. This legend of Haight-Ashbury and a free lifestyle lives on today in a new concept and design called, of course, “Bulli,” Volkswagen’s microbus concept car.  At first glance, this vehicle makes one think that this is something never seen before, something new, fresh and exciting.  All this is true, from the small horizontally placed LED headlights and “L”-shaped daytime running lights and turn signal clusters, to the four generous doors offering entry into a spacious and comfortable interior.  This is an all-electric drive vehicle offering over 180 miles between charges; charges that take less than an hour.  Upon further inspection, as the rounded rear corners and the stance of this machine born of magic come into view, there are reminders of its beginnings, almost like a child to its parent.  The Samba must be proud of this new release of freedom.

Can you feel the excitement and expectation?

Upon first viewing of the New Black Beetle commercial, one can feel that they have been bitten by this marvelous creature and infected with the desire to learn more.  If the new Black Beetle is half the car of the promise, half the car of its ancestry or half the car of the dream instilled, it will be a marvel indeed.  But don’t settle for half, for the designers and makers of Volkswagen don’t seem to know how to deliver half—they have always delivered more.  Keep the dream; it won’t be a dream for long!

Something else to dream about, but you don’t have to just dream.

VW Golf R Concept Car - Lewisville VWTalk to Dub enthusiasts and say the magic words, “Golf R,” and watch the smile spread across their faces.  The cry has been heard all the way in Wolfsburg:  “Open the gate and let the horses free!”  The folks at the home office agreed. The turbocharged inline 4-cylinder will push the four-wheel drive Golf R from standing still to sixty faster than any Golf before.  Equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, R badging, and body kit, this sporty gazelle offers unlimited driving excitement but you better hurry—The Golf R will be available on a limited basis and only for a limited time. Is this the stuff that dreams are made of?  No, this is the stuff Volkswagens are made0 of.

Is it a sleek coupe or a sexy convertible?  You decide.

2012-Volkswagen-Eos-Lewisville VWNewly designed for 2012, the Volkswagen Eos hardtop convertible will take you for a ride while the sun caresses you in its golden warmth.  But when it is cloudy, cold, or raining, this elite driving machine will protect you with all the amenities and comfort of a hardtop coupe.  Listen to its 2.0 liter, 16-valve, DOHC, turbocharged, intercooled, 4-cylinder power-plant revel in production of 200 horsepower.  You want to be here and it wants to be here, doing what comes natural, enjoying the ride.  And when the sun comes back looking for you, just 25 seconds stand between you and the retraction of the five-part roof.  Is this perfection?  Maybe, or maybe it is just magic.

Do you want to know where the magic is?  Just keep reading.

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