Where To Start When Buying Certified Used Cars

certified-used-carsFor years, “used cars” implied worn-out vehicles sold by guys wearing cheap suits and bad toupees…but certified used cars are an entirely different matter.

There are plenty of reasons to buy a certified used car. A new car loses thousands of dollars in depreciation the moment it leaves the lot…not such a good deal for the owner, but it definitely works in the favor of the used-car buyer. And there are plenty of places to go to buy a used car (including the lots with the guys in cheap suits and bad toupees), but there are also plenty of options for researching the purchase beforehand.

So what exactly does it mean to buy a certified used car?

A certified used car undergoes a rigorous inspection before it ever makes it out to a dealer’s lot. That means, in many cases, adhering to the manufacturer’s set of guidelines for inspection and certification, which are usually more stringent than the dealer’s. Manufacturer’s certification provides protection for the buyer in case the dealership closes its doors, and certification also means that the vehicle comes with a used-car warranty. Often, the new owner will also be covered by things like roadside assistance and loaner vehicles, as is the case with a new-car purchase.  If the used vehicle needed replacement parts, the owner can rest assured they were replaced with factory parts instead of aftermarket parts-store components.

When you’re doing your pre-purchase homework, be sure to review the various manufacturers’ certification programs and find out exactly what certification means for the make of car you are considering and with the dealership. Ask the sales rep for a copy of the certification report and, of course, check with Carfax to see that specific vehicle’s history as far as collision repair, factory recalls, and warranty work. Check the actual resale value of the car with the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds…and then the negotiation can begin in earnest.

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