VW Batteries: Charged Up and Ready for your Car

VW Batteries and Texas Heat

Our Texas summers are legendary for hot, dry conditions that leave visitors running for the A/C. Even if you’re a well-acclimated local, the dog days will slow you down for a minute. Ever wonder how your car feels, living life on the pavement in all that heat? Just as with us, the summer heat can bear down on a car, even a trusty Volkswagen, and slow things down a bit. To protect your VW batteries’ performance come in to Lewisville VW, just minutes from downtown Dallas, and let us help you beat the heat.

A European Battery in Texas

At Volkswagen, we engineer our VW batteries specifically for your VW model. A Genuine Volkswagen Battery will keep your car going longer in extreme conditions than regular brands. Volkwagen batteries, which are more powerful than most other brands, are also tested to higher safety standards. With a larger reserve capacity, more suited to today’s European cars, the VW battery is your best bet in the Texas heat.

Heat and the VW Battery

Summertime is particularly hard on your car’s battery — even a VW battery. Extreme heat can evaporate the water in your battery; once enough water evaporates, battery cells can overheat. High temperatures make your battery work harder, which decreases its lifespan, especially if you run extra electronics like an iPod, portable navigation, chargers, or even the air conditioner. Summer heat can also loosen your battery’s connections, since heat causes metal to expand. And while heat makes it more likely that your battery will die, it also increases the time it takes a battery to recharge.

Beat the Heat

You gear up with sunscreen, ice cream, and air conditioning to prepare for the summer heat. Protect your car the way you protect yourself, and you’ll keep loving your VW for many years to come. To care for your battery and the rest of your automobile, stop by Lewisville VW and see one of our knowledgeable technicians.