How To Cool Off and Save Gas: Windows Down or Up?

dog-windowAs the weather starts to warm up, people everywhere will start looking for ways to cool off—but one thing is for sure: gas prices haven’t cooled off at all. With the national average still hovering near $4 a gallon, everyone is looking to save a little extra and save money on gas.

So how do you cool off in the spring, summer, and early fall while saving the most money? Do you leave your windows down and air conditioning off? Or do you keep your windows up and your air conditioning on? Both sides of the argument stake their claims, but who is right?

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Zoe’s New Volkswagen Beetle!

We’ve been posting these videos for the past few months, but now you can watch Zoe’s Adventure with her new Volkswagen Beetle in its entirety.

Zoe test drives a new Volkswagen Beetle.

Zoe signs the deal!

Zoe heads to Austin with her new friend!

The trip home. Was Austin everything Zoe had hoped it would be?

Check out our video playlist, too. 

As you can see, Zoe had quite the adventure in her new Volkswagen Beetle. What adventures will you have in yours?

Head to Lewisville Volkswagen today to test drive a new Volkswagen Beetle. You can also like us on Facebook for more updates about the Beetle, and other news from your Dallas Volkswagen Dealership, Lewisville Volkswagen. 

3 Warm Weather Tire Care Tips

tire.jpg__685x325_q85_crop_upscaleSpring has finally sprung in North Texas! While you’re out enjoying the warmer weather, take a bit of time to prepare your car’s tires for the rising temperatures. You can start by reading on for more of our warm weather tire care tips.

The warm Texas heat can add stress to tires, causing them to deflate quickly. Not only
are tires with low pressure less safe, low tire pressure can also reduce gas mileage.
Before you head out on a spring or summer road trip, have your tires checked. Hot
weather, long road trips and heavy loads can spell disaster when it comes to your tires.

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5 Must-See Texas Roadside Attractions

Did you know Texas is home to the world’s largest jackrabbit? Ever seen a 25-foot fire hydrant? If not, you have not traveled some of the best roads in Texas. If you’re out for a bit of unusual fun on your next road trip, set your GPS to these weird and wacky Texas destinations.

1. Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo — Hungry? Big Texan is home of the World Famous 72-ounce steak dinner. And it’s even free (if you can eat it in an hour!)
You’ll find Big Texan Steak Ranch one mile west of the Lakeside exit off I-40, on the north side of the interstate.

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