Three tips to improve your work commute in Dallas

work commute in Dallas
The average American commutes at least 25 minutes to work each day. The average Dallas driver spends 28 minutes driving to work — but keep in mind, that’s just the average! A 2010 study ranked Dallas-Fort Worth as the metropolitan area with the worst commute in the country. Houston and Austin weren’t far behind.

Dallas drivers lose, on average, 53 hours a year being stuck in traffic. The Texas Department of Transportation is making efforts to improve the commute for Dallas-area drivers — with added DART light rail routes and expansion planned along I-35 — but many drivers won’t notice changes immediately.
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Our Picks for Top 5 Apps for Car Lovers

apps for car lovers
Want to track your vehicle’s performance? Keep track of fuel economy? Stay in touch with news coming out of the auto industry? Well, there’s an app for that! When it comes to cars, there are no shortage of apps available. With a little research, we’ve compiled the Top 5 Apps for Car Lovers.

And the apps are…(In no particular order)

The AccuFuel™ Efficiency Tracker allows you to see instantly how your driving habits affect your vehicle’s fuel economy.
Log your mileage each time you fill up, and track your fuel economy between trips to the pump. Multiple vehicles? No problem! Keep track of the fuel efficiency of all of your vehicles with AccuFuel.

Available in the App Store

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Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather in Texas

safe driving tips for bad weather
Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day this year, which means we’re due for an early spring. With the warm temperatures we’ve already been experiencing, we’ll no doubt begin to see spring storms soon. Bad weather, including rain, fog and high winds makes driving hazardous — even for experienced drivers.

It’s never a bad idea to study up on safe driving tips, and teach safe driving tips to any teenage drivers in your home. Here are some safe driving tips for bad weather.
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