Volkswagen Temporary Autopilot Feature: The Future of Cars

volkswagen temporary autopilot

Volkswagen Temporary Autopilot

Volkswagen is continually challenging what drivers have come to accept as barriers in technology in order to invent unique advances to the automobile.  In June 2011, Volkswagen introduced its Temporary Auto Pilot, or TAP, which can drive a car semi-automatically at speeds of up to 80 mph.  Take a few minutes and read more about the Volkswagen autopilot feature.

The system is the link between assistance programs like lane-departure warnings and fully automatic driving.  However, drivers remain in complete control of their cars when the Volkswagen auto pilot is activated.  The driver can override the system at any point and should continually monitor it while it’s activated, but the system does allow for a greater hands-free driving experience than ever before.

The TAP system is designed to be used in monotonous driving situations when drivers tend to become distracted, such as in traffic jams or long stretches of highway.  Basically, the Volkswagen autopilot combines the concepts of cruise control and lane-departure warnings into a single system.

It can detect the distance between your car and the one in front of you, maintain the speed you want, reduce your speed automatically when you approach a turn in the road, and keep the car centered in the lane in which you are traveling.  TAP acknowledges speed limits and passing rules and can maneuver a car in stop-and-go traffic independently.

The goal of Volkswagen auto pilot is not to take control away from the driver, but rather reduce accidents due to inattention.  This new program is perhaps the starting point of a path to accident-free driving and safer roads for everyone.  Even though the car can handle much of the driving on its own when in autopilot mode, the function should not be used so a driver can completely take their attention off the road.  Drivers should keep their hands free and available to override the system if an emergency arises.

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VW Jetta Voted Top Ten Coolest Cars Under $18K

 Volkswagen Jetta!

volkswagen jettaIf you want to drive in style without spending a fortune, you will be pleased to learn that finding a cool yet affordable car is easier than you think.  The Kelley Blue Book editors recently released a ranking of the top ten coolest cars under $18K, and the VW Jetta made the list at No. 8.

What factors are taken into account when determining what makes a car “cool?”  After all, there are plenty of cars, especially older ones, which can get you from point A to point B.  However, if you want to turn heads and truly enjoy your time behind the wheel, you will look into the list of inexpensive cars that still look and feel very cool.

This current version of the VW Jetta starts at $16,000, but it certainly packs a big punch at this affordable price.  Extensive safety features, including the Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) that activates upon airbag deployment.  The fuel pump is automatically shut off, the doors unlock, and the hazard lights turn on.  This is typically a feature found in luxury cars well beyond the Jetta’s price range.

volkswagen jettaThe 2011 Jetta also packs a powerful punch under the hood, making it very fun to drive.  The 2.0 liter supercharged engine offers 140 horsepower, great maneuverability, and high responsiveness.  Inside the car, you will enjoy many comfort benefits as well.  The cabin and cargo space are larger and more comfortable than past models.  This means that adults standing 6 feet or taller can comfortably ride in the backseat.  This feature earned the Jetta a best-in-class comfort rating.

Volkswagen has proved itself over and over again when it comes to fuel economy.  On the highway, you can enjoy up to 42 mpg, saving you hundreds of dollars on gas in the course of a year.  Even with combined city and highway driving, the 2011 Jetta achieved about 39 mpg in testing.  For an even greener option with comparable gas mileage, consider the VW Jetta clean diesel option.

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Volkswagen Goes Green with Gas-Electric VW Hybrid Jetta in 2012

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

The popular VW Jetta will soon unveil its makeover for the 2012 version, which will join the ranks of other affordable hybrid car models. This latest version of the Jetta will run on both gas and electricity, meaning drivers can save money at the pump and help the environment at the same time.

When designing this car as VW’s best hybrid, affordability was a huge consideration.  The current 2011 Jetta, which runs on gasoline, debuted at $16,000 last summer, and was approximately $1,700 less than the 2010 Jetta.  The continual goal of VW is to put Jetta on the shopping list of people who previously considered the Jetta to be too expensive.  At the same time, company representatives have stated that they want high-volume models like the Jetta to join the eco-friendly trend without costing too much initially for the customer.

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

The 2012 Jetta features a twincharger TSI inline four-cylinder engine.  VW describes the vehicle as having a fuel economy that is best in its class while surpassing the Honda Civic Hybrid and other hybrid vehicles in terms of horsepower.  The price is still a mystery, but it is certainly expected to be a few thousand dollars more than the 2011 model because of the hybrid feature.  Estimates put the price in the mid-$20,000s.

The closest competitor to this 2012 VW hybrid isn’t the Civic Hybrid, but the Jetta TDI, a clean diesel version of this model.  Its gas mileage is rated at 30 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.  The opposite is true of the Jetta hybrid, boasts around 40 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway.  Therefore, purchasing decisions will likely be based on the customer’s driving preferences.  The diesel option will be more economical for highway driving, while those who mostly drive around town will benefit from the high city gas mileage of the Jetta hybrid.

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The Sporty and Fun 2012 VW Eos is the Perfect Summer Car

2012 VW EosThe warm months of the year traditionally are the most popular time to make a new car purchase.  If you are in the market for a fun, sporty car for summer, consider the 2012 VW Eos.  In Greek mythology, Eos is the goddess of the sunrise, and she lends her name appropriately to this retractable hardtop convertible.  This is the perfect summer car, but it is designed for comfortable, secure driving all year-round as well.

Convertibles with fixed roofs were once reserved exclusively for luxury cars and came with luxury price tags.  Volkswagen has changed the status quo by offering the 2012 Eos at a starting price of only $30,000.  This four-seat coupe features all the comfort you would expect from an upper-class, closed-roof vehicle, such as a sunroof and heated rear window. Don’t forget, though, you also have the option to ride with the top down.  In only 25 seconds, this vehicle changes into an open-air convertibleso you can enjoy beautiful summer days without restraint.

The engine in the 2012 VW Eos is a 2.0-liter turbo-charged four-cylinder engine capable of producing 200 horsepower.  The standard companion to this engine is a six-speed manual transmission.  Another option is to choose the six-speed Direct Shift Gearbox, or DSG, to enjoy driving with the benefits of a manual transmission but without a clutch.

Many add-on features enable you to make the most of your new 2012 Eos.  At the base comfort level, drivers enjoy a power driver’s seat, heated driver and passenger seats, dual-zone climate controls, and Bluetooth compatibility.  The next level up, called the Lux model, increases the wheel size to 17 inches, adds a wood interior trim, features leather upholstery, and includes a power front passenger seat.  You can also add a navigation system to the dashboard (complete with USB port and SD card slot), a premium sound system, and sport suspension.

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Car Interior Maintenance

car interior maintenanceWe’ve all been there; at that point when our car becomes more than our mode of transportation and transforms into Closet #2, carrying around everything from fast-food wrappers to clothing, extra tissue boxes to that pile of who-knows-what in the back seat. A clean inside is just as important as a spiffy outside – perhaps more so, if you plan on spending any time in the driver’s seat. But where do you begin restoring order inside your car?

Ditch the Junk

Start by removing everything from your car and sifting through it to decide what absolutely has to stay. Anything that isn’t vital or would be just as useful outside of your car (i.e. the extra tissue boxes) can be removed and relocated to a new home elsewhere. Be quick and decisive during this stage – if you don’t need it at a glance, get rid of it. The average vehicle has an estimated 20 pounds of unnecessary weight on board, which contributes to reduced fuel efficiency in addition to being unsightly.

Hidden Gold Mine

Remember all those coins you dropped between the seats and vowed to get later? Well, now’s the time. Hunt around for lost coinage and move them to a small pile on a seat for sorting—or better yet, think one step ahead and find a container that will hold the coins. Old coin purses work great, but if you don’t have one lying around, a small cup in an unused cup holder will do the trick.

Down to Business

Now that all of the big stuff is out of the way, pull out the vacuum and get to work on the grit in the carpets. Remove the floor mats and connect the appropriate vacuum attachment. Be sure to get under and between the seats, around the pedals, and around the center console. Replace the floor mats or vacuum those as well.

Next, it’s onward and upward to the seats. Use your vacuum’s soft brush attachment to avoid unnecessary wear on the seats, especially if they’re leather. Recline the seats fully, getting between the leg- and backrests as thoroughly as possible. If you have upholstered seats, commercial spray upholstery cleaner will clean deep down to where the vacuum can’t reach. If cleaner is unavailable, laundry detergent mixed with warm water and applied with a rag and elbow grease will do the job nicely.

The same brush attachment or a dust rag can be used on the dashboard and door panels. Vacuum or wipe down these areas until the dust has been removed, then give it the once-over with disinfectant wet rags (if these areas are upholstered, see above) to finish the job.

It’s Clean. What Now?

Now, keep it clean. Keep a trash bag in your car to prevent any wrappers, cans, etc. from cluttering up your interior. Keep disinfectant wipes handy and be sure that your passengers take any belongings and trash with them when they leave your vehicle. Above all, don’t let it pile up again.

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