Not Just Any Volkswagen Oil Change.

What’s in a Oil Change?

Any old place can change the oil in your Volkswagen, right? Changing oil in a car is no big deal – lots of folks even do it themselves! A Dallas oil change can be done on the cheap… some local joints will even do it for $15 or less. But will the oil they choose hold up to our Texas summer? Here at Lewisville Volkswagen, we know which oils are designed to keep your car at its best, even in extreme conditions. Our oil change is not just any old oil change – we’ll keep your engine running better longer with oils that meet Volkswagen’s quality standards.

What Makes a Volkswagen-Quality Oil?

A lot of motor oils are labeled “synthetic,” but there are no generally-accepted definitions of synthetic oil and no industry standard. We at Volkswagen have created our own quality control standards to ensure that your motor oil is optimized for the needs of your Volkswagen automobile.

An oil that meets Volkswagen’s quality standards helps keep your engine clean, helps it to turn over easily, and reduces heat and engine wear. High-quality synthetic oil remains stable at higher temperatures, lubricates engine components to increase horsepower by reducing friction, and can even improve fuel economy by five percent or more! If your car is under factory warranty, please remember that using a Volkswagen-approved synthetic oil is probably a condition of your warranty.

Changing Your Own Oil

If you’re a do-it-yourself type and want to save money by changing your oil yourself, choose an oil that conforms to VW standard VW 502 00, or a diesel engine oil that complies with VW 507 00. Call or come by your local Lewisville Volkswagen dealership and ask us for more information if you need help choosing a synthetic oil. It’s our job to make sure your engine runs at peak performance, even in extreme Texas conditions.

Let Us Do It

We always recommend allowing an approved Volkswagen dealer to change your oil. When you let us do it, you ensure that you’re receiving a full-service, high-quality oil change. You’ll rest assured that your car will run at peak performance, your oil will be properly disposed of, and you’ll avoid the hassle of an oil change in the Texas summer heat. At Lewisville Volkswagen, we’re always here to do the dirty work for you!

Here are some other great maintenance tips for you.

Understanding Volkswagen Vehicle Protection Plans

Your Volkswagen will become a part of your family, the one you’ll depend upon to be reliable, hardworking, and fun. You protect your family members with insurance and common sense; shouldn’t you protect your Volkswagen as well? Once you drive off the lot, you’re already protected by our Carefree Maintenance and a comprehensive limited warranty. A Volkswagen protection plan, Volkswagen service plan, or additional Volkswagen warranty can add to your peace of mind and give you the tools to protect your investment.

Volkswagen Protection PlanOur Protection Plans

Here at Lewisville VW, we offer Vehicle Service Contract Plans, a Courtesy Care Protection Program, a Car Care Service Plan, Guaranteed Asset Protection, Road Hazard Tire and Wheel protection, and Lease Vehicle Protection. Come in and speak with one of our dedicated service professionals to determine the plan that fits your needs and budget. Our options include:

  • Vehicle Service Contract Plans. With our Vehicle Service Contract Plans, you can include the cost of the plan when you finance your vehicle and purchase up to an additional 100,000 miles of coverage.
  • Courtesy Care Protection Plan. This plan covers most of your service and maintenance needs.
  • · Drive Easy Car Care Service Plans. These plans also include valuable maintenance services to keep your Volkswagen running like clockwork.
  • · Guaranteed Asset Protection. If your car is stolen or totaled, Guaranteed Asset Protection protects the difference between your insurance company’s assessment of value and the amount you paid for the vehicle.
  • Road Hazard Tire and Wheel. This service provides for repair and replacement of wheels and tires that are damaged by unexpected road hazards.
  • Lease Vehicle Protection. This lease care program covers nearly all the components of a leased vehicle at zero deductible.

Our Service

Come visit us at Lewisville VW and let us help you create the perfect plan to match your needs and your budget. With our range of maintenance and service packages, we can help you protect yourself from the unexpected circumstances that are part and parcel of car ownership.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and reliable, long-lasting vehicles, but we can’t protect you from all the hazards of the road. With the proper plan in place, you can protect yourself.

Time for VW Service to Get Prepared for Summer?

VW Service For SummerVWs are Made for Summer!

Summer has officially come to Texas. Thermostats are rising, and our attention turns to long-awaited summer journeys. As you make your vacation plans, keep in mind that your trusty VW may need a little TLC to help it stay trusty. Whether you’re gearing up for a long road trip or just cranking up the air conditioning to combat the heat, it’s a good time of year to bring your car for some good ole VW Service. Bring your VW in for a Volkswagen checkup at your local Dallas Volkswagen dealership and keep your car going strong for many summers to come!

Our expert team will perform Volkswagen’s professional Multi-Point Inspection, checking your:

  • exhaust system
  • brake pads and rotors
  • engine drive belts
  • shocks and struts
  • headlights
  • tire wear and air pressure
  • cooling system and hoses
  • windshield condition

VW ServiceAs the mercury rises, keep in mind that seasonal temperature extremes can affect your vehicle’s performance. We’ll provide you with top-of-the-line VW service, making sure you’re ready to beat the heat by checking your:

Beat the Summertime Blues

Nothing can throw a wrench in your summer sabbatical like a loose belt as you’re about to leave town or an air pump that gives up the ghost halfway to California. Even if you’re staying close to home, nothing can throw off a carefully balanced budget like an unexpected major car repair. Check in with us here at Lewisville VW, keep up with your regular maintenance, and your VW will keep you on the road for years to come.

We’re Here for You

Here at Lewisville VW, your friendly local dealership, we’ll take good care of you and your vehicle. It’s our job to make sure you’re ready for the road, whatever your summer has in store.