How To Customize your Car Volkswagen Style

Lewisville Volkswagen fully believes in making your car your own! We discuss in this blog post how to customize your car and get the most out of your Volkswagen!

Car Customization History

Ever since the Model T days, people have been customizing their ’32 Fords, ’55 Chevys or ’72 Torinos, with an eye towards making them go faster, look sharper, sound better or just personalizing them into something that’s exclusively theirs.

Customized Car VWVolkswagen owners are no exception – there are plenty of Volkswagen accessories to trick out your ride without looking like you slapped a bunch of cheap, cheesy gimmicks onto it:

  • AUDIO: You spend a lot of time in your Volkswagen, so why not make it into your own rolling sound system?  iPod adapters, SIRIUS satellite radio adapters and Bluetooth kits are out there and available from your Volkswagen dealer.   You can also get outfitted with TV monitors and DVD players to keep the young’uns occupied for those long vacation trips on the interstate.
  • WHEELS: One of the most popular ways to make your Volkswagen stand out is a different set of wheels.  Aggressive, stylish, shiny or matte-finished, there’s a whole selection of 16”, 17” or 18” alloy wheels available for your vehicle.
  • TRANSPORTATION: An active life needs a vehicle to go with it.  Things like a bike rack or luggage rack make it a whole lot easier to haul around your kayaks, bikes, snowboards or anything else you might want to bring along.
  • SPORT AND DESIGN: It’s fun and easy to use your imagination to make a statement about yourself with your vehicle. A body kit, chrome exhaust tip, license plate frame or aluminum, sport-style pedals can go a long way towards giving your VW a little something extra.  Make it easy to find in a parking lot!
  • CLOTHES AND OTHER STUFF: T-shirts, baseball caps, key rings, jackets and all kinds of other Volkswagen accessories are available from your dealer, so that you can let the world know where you stand on the VW brand!

The best thing about genuine Volkswagen accessories, though, is that they come from the same tradition of German engineering and workmanship as your Volkswagen itself.  They’re a specific fit for your particular model, unlike some aftermarket parts, and they can even be rolled into your dealer financing if they’re included at the time of purchase.

So go a little crazy with your Lewisville Volkswagen – it deserves it, and so do you!

New Volkswagen US Plant gives Lewisville Volkswagen More Resources

Volkswagen Touareg

Lewisville Volkswagen, is much like the global Volkswagen brand, in that it wants a bigger share of the Dallas auto market. Not content with becoming the biggest automaker in Europe, Volkswagen has now set its sights on a bigger share of the US market.  For the year 2010, Volkswagen’s sales growth nearly doubled the U.S. auto industry’s average growth rate, and the company has even bigger plans for the future.   The company’s plans to invest $71 billion dollars in its automotive business over the next five years should have it poised to surpass Toyota in profits and sales.  The VW product line will also see a full slate of new vehicles and overhauls of existing ones like the Touareg SUV and Routan family van.

Part of that investment will include quadrupling its spending in the US market (over the year 2010’s outlays) and opening a new manufacturing plant in Tennessee.  The Chattanooga plant will produce midsize sedans that should compete with domestic models and Toyotas.   The company has also partnered with the Chinese and plans to put two more Chinese factories online to bring its total number of plants in the country to eleven.

So what does that mean for American drivers and consumers?

Along with VW’s marketing and manufacturing push in the US, 61 dealers have sunk over $150 million into upgraded, overhauled facilities to handle larger customer volumes.  That means that consumers can expect a stronger dealer network, stronger service network and more aggressive financing and sales deals that everyone can benefit from.  This new commitment to the US market is projected to mean a significant increase in customers, sales and service.

Texas drivers already know that Volkswagens are great cars and great deals.   You’re invited to come down to your Dallas Volkswagen dealer to have a look around and check out the new models.  2010 was a good year for Volkswagen (and Dallas/Denton VW drivers); 2011 promises to be better still.

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Lewisville Volkswagen Announces iPad Winners in Social Media Sweepstakes

Largest Volkswagen volume dealership in Texas rewards customers and employees for their Facebook activity

Dallas Volkswagen Dealer

DALLAS, TX Lewisville Volkswagen, the largest volume Volkswagen dealership in Texas, announced on its Facebook Fan Page the winners of Lewisville Volkswagen’s most recent iPad contest.

Lewisville Volkswagen gave customers a free car wash and a chance to win an Apple iPad simply by becoming a fan of the dealership’s Facebook Fan page. Concurrently, all employees of Lewisville Volkswagen were able to compete for an additional iPad. Employees earned points when the employee recruited customers and friends to join the Lewisville Volkswagen Facebook community.

Lewisville Volkswagen employee, Joe Downs won the iPad for recruiting the highest number of Lewisville Volkswagen customers to the company Facebook fan page. The Facebook Fan iPad winner, Laurie Venters claimed the prize by recruiting her friends and having those friends post Laurie’s name on the Lewisville Volkswagen Facebook Wall.

“We are excited about giving our employees and customers a chance to win prizes and have fun, for being a part of our Social Media networks, such as Facebook,” said Alan Brown, General Sales Manager of Lewisville Volkswagen. “We know that a fun, vibrant community made up of our customers and employees will naturally lend itself towards better customer service and long lasting relationships with the general public.”

Lewisville Volkswagen held the contest in an effort to boost the dealership’s social media activity and increase its customer service by giving customers a place on Facebook where they can easily interact, ask questions, or leave comments to the dealership. Customers can find out more about the dealership as well as upcoming promotions through the Lewisville Volkswagen blog.

About Lewisville Volkswagen

Lewisville Volkswagen serves customers from all over the DFW Metroplex. We are ready to help you get your next car, whether you are looking for a used car or a new Volkswagen. To make an appointment with a sales associate contact Lewisville Volkswagen by phone at

866-416-9191 or to contact the service and parts department please call 866- 415-5599. Additional information can be found on the main website at

From Lewisville Volkswagen, Dallas Car Dealership, Have a Safe, Sane Spring Break!

At Lewisville Volkswagen, we love to have fun. However, for the fine students (and some adults) of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, we also want them to have fun, but be safe at the same time during this Spring Break.

Hordes of students will be heading to Florida and other places where there’s sun and fun to be had.  Some will be driving long distances in their Volkswagen, some will be flying, but in general, it’s always a good idea to be cautious. Of course, everyone wants to have a great time on spring break, but at the risk of sounding like a scolding parent, here are some things to keep in mind:Lewisville Volkswagen Saftey

  • Don’t drive drunk – Of course, we don’t really need to tell you this, because you should know this one already.  You know how dangerous it is, and how expensive it can be if you get caught.  Don’t let the next fifteen years of your life get ruined over one stupid mistake during spring break.
  • Hotel/motel – Use your common sense.  Don’t leave your valuables in the room, use the buddy system when you go out, lock your door, and don’t open the door for strangers (or for anyone) without a look through the peephole first.  And do NOT climb or sit on balconies or rails!
  • Sun/sand/surf – Everyone wants to take advantage of the Florida or Gulf Coast beaches, but again, use some common sense.  Be aware of the symptoms of heat stress, and drink plenty of water even if you don’t feel thirsty.  Apply sunscreen before you get out on the beach, with an SPF number of at least 15.  Remember that you can get a sunburn even if it’s cloudy!  Don’t swim or surf alone, know the red/yellow/blue flag warning system and don’t swim if you’ve been drinking!Lewisville Volkswagen
  • Driving – Make sure that your Volkswagen is ready for travel.  Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and have good tread, your car has good belts and hoses and a fresh oil change.  When it comes to driving safety, you can rest assured that your Volkswagen has great safety ratings and crash test ratings to go along with great gas mileage and comfort to make your trip a little easier.  Oh, and don’t drink and drive – but we already talked about that.

Now that that’s all been covered – have a great time on your spring break!!

Not Just Pre-Owned or Used Volkswagens in Dallas, but Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagens in Dallas

So are you in the market for a used or pre-owned Volkswagen and live in Dallas? Then we are the Dallas dealership for you!  It’s important to know what constitutes a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen.  Not every used VW can qualify as a CPO vehicle, and it’s important to be aware of these differences:

Certified Pre-Owned VolkswagenDealer backing – Every certified pre-owned Volkswagen has to be backed by the dealer for parts and service.  There’s a rigorous standards and inspection process that the car has to pass before it can be offered for sale as a CPO.  That means that a used VW sitting on a Jeep dealer’s lot might be a good car, but it’s not a Certified Pre-Owned unit.

Certified Pre-Owned VolkswagenMaintenance – This is one of the key aspects of the CPO program.  Every maintenance item on a CPO car must be up to speed on manufacturer’s requirements.  Based on the current mileage of the car you’re considering:

Financing – Volkswagen offers exceptional financing for its certified pre-owned vehicles.  That includes lower APRs and extended-term financing for most vehicles, keeping your monthly payments and budget under control.

Warranty – The CPO vehicle’s warranty isn’t an Extended Service Contract (that you pay extra for on the front end of the purchase).  Instead, it’s an extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty from Volkswagen, already included in the purchase of the car.

At Lewisville VW, we know that you’ve got a lot of used car choices in Dallas.  We also know that buying a used car in Dallas is a big decision.  We want to give you the tools you need to make that decision a little easier and to give you the peace of mind that goes along with buying a Volkswagen certified pre-owned vehicle.  When you buy a Dallas used car from Lewisville VW, you can rest assured that you have the entire weight of experience and expertise of a top-flight Volkswagen dealership on your side.