Volkswagen Dealership Gives You Tips on Reaching the 400K Mile Mark

Reaching the 400,000 mile mark is quite an accomplishment for a vehicle.  One does not read about this every day, but there are a few common characteristics you find when researching the ability to achieve this kind of mileage on an automobile.

A Volkswagen's odometer that has over 550K miles

In almost every instance of a 400K vehicle, you find the word diesel.  It seems that the common thread of joining the club almost always begins with the diesel engine, and Volkswagen is no stranger to the diesel engine. A brief research project to determine the longest lasting vehicles comes with a long list of happy Volkswagen owners having exceeded the 400,000 mile marker.  Here are a few tips to take your vehicle to that exclusive club.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual typically has recommended service intervals that should be followed to maintain the vehicle.  Failure to do so can and will most likely result in engine failure at some point, and it will happen long before the 400K mark.

The single most important issue in maintaining the vehicle is regular and consistent oil changes.  In every instance of a 400K vehicle, the owner has stated the regular maintenance of the oil as the key.

Trust your Dealership

Have the dealership thoroughly check your vehicle for wear and tear on a regular basis.  Nobody has better training and more qualified personnel to inspect and maintain your vehicle than a DFW Volkswagen dealer. Choose your dealership wisely.  Make sure that you have the family friendly type of service and atmosphere like you find at Lewisville Volkswagen.

Keep it clean

This may seem like a no brainer, but the act of washing road and street grime off the automobile on a regular basis helps keep the inspection process flawless.  Any good mechanic will perform a better vehicle inspection and take greater pride in the quality of their work if the owner appears to have care and concern for their vehicle.  This becomes apparent in the cleanliness of the car.

Not every service is necessary

While this might seem counteractive to the “follow the manual” and “trust your dealership” advice, there are times when services are not justifiable.  It is not suggested that you always wait for a problem before addressing an issue, but why go through a fuel injection cleaning when there is no problem? Often, these services are suggested as a preventative measure, but you must use your best judgment as to when and how to best spend your money.

The purchase of an automobile extended warranty can also help you avoid unexpected costs and expenses. If your tendency is to drive your car until the wheels fall off, this is a great option for helping you extend the life of your vehicle to the 400,000 mile marker.

Volkswagen owners are very loyal to the brand and take the kind of pride in ownership that tends to help their autos last beyond the typical lifespan.  This is reflective of the quality engineering that goes into every Volkswagen engine and vehicle.

The Retro Volkswagen Microbus

Lewisville Volkswagen reports on the new VW microbusWhere does your mind go when someone says the words, “Volkswagen Microbus”?  Does your mind race back to the flower power 60s where every psychedelic Sam worth his weight in gold either drove a VW Microbus or pushed it to the next gas station with the help of an entourage of love children in tow? Does your mind conjure up images of tie dyed t-shirts and flower headbands when words like Peace, Love, and Dove were the bywords of the time?

One of the most iconic vehicles in history is the Volkswagen Microbus, and there are currently plans to resurrect the powerful, mind-consuming, long-missed Volkswagen Microbus.  Only this time, it will likely be a niche vehicle with a long list of purchasers standing in line to get their hands on a piece of historic memories. Rumors are that VW will be bringing out the new version of the Microbus in 2014 or 2015.  Likely to be propelled by one of the new clean diesel technologies, the fuel economy won’t be in question and the contribution to good ole Mother Earth will be assured.

Imagine entering your local Volkswagen dealer showroom and being greeted by tie dyed t-shirt dressed salespeople with smiling faces and a real down to earth desire to help you and make you happy!  It’s a reality when you visit the great folks at Lewisville Volkswagen, near Denton, with their Peace Love Happiness concept. This is the perfect atmosphere for bringing back the Microbus.

It is rumored the Microbus will be based on the front-wheel-drive platform of the Touran. Several engines are under consideration, including four-cylinder gas and turbo-diesels. Front wheel drive will likely be standard, utilizing a manual transmission or possibly Volkswagen’s seven speed dual-clutch gearbox.

An all-wheel drive version and an extended range electric powered version are under consideration as well. Other rumors have it that Chrysler will actually be the company producing the retro vehicle for Volkswagen. Stay tuned to this source for the latest news on Volkswagen’s coming Microbus!

In case you have any doubts about the popularity of such a movement in the retro-world, consider the popularity of the new Beetle, the PT Cruiser, and even the Mustang and Camaro.  America has always had a love affair with its classic cars and is chomping at the bit to be reintroduced to the retro Microbus.  Is it time for the re-emergence of the Hippie-mobile? Volkswagen had best hurry up if they want to capitalize on the nostalgia of those 60’s memories before they are too old to climb back in.

Volkswagen Clean Diesel VS Hybrid technology

Thsi Volkswagen Jetta TDI runs on Clean DieselThe immediate assumption when considering hybrids is that they are the best vehicle for the environment. This could be a misleading assumption and deserves a bit more research before jumping to conclusions. The VW Clean Diesel technology deserves a lot of credit in providing the environmental improvement so often sought in today’s politically-charged environment.

The facts are that there are several non-hybrid vehicles which reflect better on the environment than most hybrid vehicles.  While the hybrid may boast a great fuel economy over a very short term, the long term effects may not be as rosy. The complex power trains required to propel the hybrid may cause you more problems in the end. Plus, Volkswagen has launched a new technology of turbo-diesel engines, which meet the same tough government standards as the gasoline/electric hybrids. The result is a much-improved fuel economy and avehicle that is a lot more fun to drive.

The old image of the smelly, smoky, noisy diesel is quickly fading with this fuel-efficient, new, clean diesel technology found at the Lewisville Volkswagen family of fine automobiles.  The Volkswagen Jetta TDI is one of the vehicles sporting the new technology along with the Toureg TDI, and they are in the certified fun-to-drive category with low end torque and sporty European styling!  With a life expectancy well known to last beyond 250,000 miles, these diesel engines will average 41 mpg on the highway and result in a lower fuel cost than most hybrid gas/electric vehicles.

When considering all the advantages of either car, the MSRP for a hybrid vehicle typically exceeds the price of the VW diesel vehicle by $4,000 to $6,000.00. Clean diesel produces the same or less pollution than the gas/electric vehicle and is far more fun to drive. The proven long life of the diesel engine over the speculative duration of the hybrid equipment tilts the return on investment far in favor for the Volkswagen clean diesel technology.