Is There Peace Love and Happiness in your Auto Experience?

Lewisville Volkswagen motto is Peace Love and Happiness. What more could you ask for?

A happy customer in the automobile industry doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Satisfied customers are what every business is looking for, but it takes specific actions and policies to develop this kind of customer. In fact, it’s the customer experience that truly makes the difference. This is exactly what Lewisville Volkswagen has created: an unprecedented customer experience leading to a happy customer.

That experience begins with a visit to the showroom. How often have you visited an auto dealership to be greeted by a half dozen vultures in white shirts and ties, just waiting to pounce?  This is not the experience when you visit the Lewisville Volkswagen center. You will immediately recognize the calm and relaxed atmosphere when you are likely greeted by a tie dyed, t-shirt wearing friendly face.  This is all part of the Peace Love Happiness theme of the dealership. If you are looking for a new or used Volkswagen, Dallas has no shortage of Volkswagen dealers. However, Lewisville Volkswagen works diligently to provide you the experience you want, not what they want for you.

The traditional high pressure tactics of “the deal” are a thing of the past.  The new approach from the sales staff is to help you, as comfortably as possible, make the most educated decision on your new or used vehicle purchase. You are about to make a major investment, and this should not be something you are rushed into.  The employees of Lewisville Volkswagen love their jobs, and that love is passed on, customer to customer. This is one of the many ways Lewisville Volkswagen creates a happy customer.

The company offers the Money Back Guarantee which simply means if you decide for any reason that you do not want the vehicle, you can bring it back within 72 hours for a 100% refund of your investment. Again, an ideal way to create a happy customer is by providing a no-worry decision making process.

How is the service handled after you make your investment?  Nothing could make you happier than the attitude of the Lewisville Volkswagen service department.  Their sole purpose is to help you keep your automobile in the same condition as it was when it was driven off the showroom floor, whether that is one month or 100,000 miles later. The history of Lewisville Volkswagen service is filled with people bringing their vehicles in at the last moment only to have staff stay late to get the customer back on the road.

This is a family owned dealership, and Peace Love Happiness is not just a theme.  It is a way of business for every employee and is ingrained among all service personnel and sales staff from the first customer visit, through the service of the vehicle, and beginning again with the next trade-in and new car purchase. You will feel totally at ease when visiting Lewisville Volkswagen, where they have a huge inventory of new and used vehicles for you to browse. There is rarely a day that the best prices on a Volkswagen in Dallas or Fort Worth cannot be found at Lewisville Volkswagen.

If you are looking for a comfortable dealership to make your next Volkswagen purchase in the presence of people who really care about your experience, Lewisville Volkswagen is the place for peace, love, and happiness.

Dallas Volkswagen Dealer Bets On The ’60s for 21st-Century Sales

What’s so funny about “Peace, Love, Happiness, Volkswagen?” That’s how Lewisville Volkwagen ties the iconic VW brand to a special time in pop culture history. Sales people, management and VW service technicians wear tie-dyes as 60′s music plays. Classic VW print ads adorn the walls.

That theme also describes a laid-back, no-pressure business model. Customers are encouraged to take their time, visit other dealerships, make more than one trip to Lewisville VW. The dealer’s “Happiness Guarantee” is a good example: if customers are unhappy with their purchase, they can bring the car back within 72 hours, no questions asked.

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Volkswagen Engines – Air cooled vs. Liquid cooled

Volkswagen has made excellent engines that have changed drastically over time. For many years there has been a debate on whether we should continue to use air cooled engines, or switch to liquid cooled engines. Engine cooling is the process of extracting heat from an engine using either air or liquid.  As engines generate mechanical power, they also generate high levels of heat. Too much heat can damage the engine, which is why the cooling process is so important. Let’s look at the difference between these two engines to see why we switched how our engines are cooled.

Air-cooled parts of an engine rely on air circulating over them for heat reduction. Air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle parts make up some of the most versatile internal combustion engines ever produced. While the VW bus was the first vehicle with Volkswagen air-cooled parts, the Beetle is the most well known of the air-cooled engines. These were so successful due to the many advantages of air-cooled engines. Coolant in liquid cooled parts can boil in high temperatures, a problem that is nonexistent in air systems. Using air-cooling eliminates the liquid coolant engine subsystem and simplifies engine design.  Also, air-cooled engines do not require the coolant radiator and are often lighter per unit than liquid-cooled engines.

Lewisville Volkswagen takes a look at why VW switched from air cooled to engines to liquid cooled engines

Air-Cooled Volkswagen Engine

Air cooling, however, is limited by heat density. A small, very hot component is difficult to air cool because air has low heat density. If the air speed is low, then there is only a small mass of air to carry away heat. Since there is little mass, the air that is cooling the part gets nearly as hot as the part, and cooling becomes poor. Blowing more air over the part improves cooling, but blowing air fast creates noise and uses power. Furthermore, air-cooled engines use cooling fins that can be expensive to make compared to liquid-cooled engines, even though liquid-cooled engines require hollow construction. In contrast, liquids have much higher heat density, and so a comparatively small amount of liquid can keep the part cool.

Volkswagen switched from air cooling to liquid cooling parts because it is easier to maintain each part of the engine at a given temperature. Liquids have less temperature rise as they absorb waste heat. Because of this, liquid-cooled engines have improved durability and emissions, which is why Volkswagen no longer uses air cooled parts.

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2012 Volkswagen Beetle – Retro Lovers Rejoice

The all new Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle – reliable, fun, and unique – and getting a new look for the new decade.

With its zippy handling and distinct design, the Beetle has been a popular choice for over half a century.  Starring in movies and even inspiring its own game, it’s moved beyond just a vehicle for getting around to becoming a cultural icon. Since its inception in the 1930s, the Beetle has maintained its signature look and a unique place in the hearts of car buyers across the world.

In 1998, the Volkswagen New Beetle was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show with an updated design for a modern world. Since its introduction, 1.2 million units have been built, and it can arguably be credited with almost single-handedly launching what has become the “retro” trend in new car design.  VW took the classic Beetle shape and transformed it for the 21st century.  The New Beetle has a front-mounted engine and front wheel drive as opposed to the classic, which had rear engine mounting and rear wheel drive.

Since its release 13 years ago, VW has decided to improve upon the already popular design of the New Beetle.  The redesigned 2012 model will continue the classic round headlights but have a stronger, sportier look. With a flatter roof and more upright windshield, it will look even more retro than the current model. A longer wheelbase and wider stance gives the new model additional legroom and better handling.  Overall, while still pleasing current fans of the Beetle, the new sleek look will also appeal to a broader group of car buyers, combining modern and vintage into one superior vehicle.

Beetle lovers don’t have too long to wait for a peek at the newly designed Beetle.  Fans can expect the launch of the 2012 model this spring, and it will appear at Lewisville Volkswagen this summer.

Lewisville VW’s Top 10 Road Trip Tunes

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get out on the open road, we’ve got just the soundtrack for you. Let Lewisville Volkswagen kick out the jams for you as you rock on down the highway. Here’s our list of the top-10 Road Trip Tunes of the 1960s.

10. “For Your Love” 1965- The Yardbirds – As you pull out of the driveway and onto the highway, make sure this classic British Invasion tune sets the tone!

9. “Hang on Sloopy” 1965 – The McCoys – The official rock song of the great state of Ohio and a fixture at Ohio State University football games, this song should be a fixture on your road trip mixes. Hang on as you put the pedal down on your new (or vintage) Volkswagen!

8. “Hit the Road Jack” 1961 – Ray Charles – Maybe on a trip to the in-laws (for obvious reasons)…

7. “California Dreamin” 1965 – The Mamas and the Papas – If your road trip includes the 101 or I-5 or if you’re just “California Dreamin” through the Great Plains or the Smokey Mountains, turn on Mama Cass and Co. and envision the Pacific Coast.

6. “Somebody to Love” 1967 – Jefferson Airplane – The psychedelic 60s took off with this classic hit from Jefferson Airplane. As you take off in your Volkswagen, get lost in the timeless hooks and melodies that have made this song the lasting legacy of the San Francisco rock scene.

5. “Time of the Season” 1968 – The Zombies – You can practically drum the entire song on your steering wheel as you groove out with another classic British Invasion tune. Just like your VW, this hit is good in all seasons.

4. “Magic Carpet Ride” 1968 – Steppenwolf - Perhaps it feels you’re on a magic carpet as you take to the road in your VW…let John Kay and the boys from Steppenwolf take you away!

3. “Crosstown Traffic” 1968- Jimi Hendrix – You might be able to listen to this entire song while sitting at a red light. It’s Hendrix at his best as he packs a punch in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

2. “Ramble On” 1969 – Led Zeppelin – Keep the peddle down and take heed of Robert Plant’s message. Ramble on, indeed.

1. “Light my Fire” 1968- The Doors – Fire up the ignition, buckle up and let the keyboards and Jim Morrison’s sultry voice take you back to 1968.
We’d love to hear what songs would make your Ultimate VW Road Trip Mix. Send us your mixes or post your tracks to Facebook!


Remember – Peace. Love. Happiness. Lewisville Volkswagen.

Texas-based Volkswagen Dealership Expands Online Presence with Social Media

Lewisville Volkswagen Expands Its Reach Through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Lewisville, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) January 03, 2011

Lewisville Volkswagen, North Texas’ most respected and trusted Volkswagen dealership is announcing the expansion of its online presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a new blog, and an artist agreement for an online video campaign.

Named a top-ten Volkswagen dealership in North America, Lewisville Volkswagen has been serving the North Texas area since 2001.

“Being at the forefront of customer service in North Texas,” said Alan Brown, General Sales Manager, “social media makes the best sense in keeping us on the cutting edge of customer service, dialogue, and engagement.”

In keeping with Lewisville Volkswagen’s theme of “Peace. Love. Happiness. Lewisville Volkswagen,” the dealership has also inked an exclusive endorsement agreement with Capitol Records recording artist Walker Hayes. “Walker is a terrific up and coming singer and songwriter talent that personifies the Lewisville Volkswagen spirit. His music strikes a chord with both VW and music enthusiasts alike, bringing a fun and engaging example of the new nostalgia we are proud to be a part of.” Brown said.

Lewisville Volkswagen is committed to increasing the communication among the auto buying public, and that includes dedicated social media efforts.

About Lewisville Volkswagen

Lewisville Volkswagen serves customers from all over the DFW Metroplex. We serve cities like Plano, Gainesville, Decatur, Farmers Branch, Trophy Club, McKinney, Pilot Point, Salina, Rockwall, Heath, Forney, Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth. We are ready to help you get your next car, whether you are looking for a used car or a new Volkswagen. To make an appointment with a sales associate contact Lewisville Volkswagen by phone at 866-416-9191 or to contact the service and parts department please call 866-415-5599. Additional information can be found on the main website at